To successfully implement our two-pronged strategy; primarily diamond mining/processing, and additionally the development of mineral deposits; we leverage our key strengths:

Independence from other large resource and mining houses

A complete skills package to source and develop new ventures

Sufficient financial resources to facilitate growth in mining assets

Strong potential partnerships with influential role players

Effective and decisive decision making from management

Wide-ranging business network to source new opportunities

Resources we focus on:

Diamonds – Active operations and development
  • Significant expertise with diamond mining and operations.
  • Active cash flow operations at Letšeng Mine (Lesotho).
  • Kolo Diamond Mine (Lesotho) under development. Trial mining begins 2015.
Tungsten – Exploration
  • Exploration rights received in 2011. Prospecting program began in March 2012 and stopped in late 2012. An interim report was produced by SRK based on current and historic data (April 2013).
  • Tungsten and molybdenum.

Diamond Projects

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Resource Development

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