Batla Minerals

Batla Minerals SA is a French resource investment company that
successfully listed a portion of its shareholders on the NYSE
Euronext (Marche Libre) in France in May 2007 (ticker: MLBAT).

Our Business

To successfully implement our two-pronged strategy, 1) diamond mining/processing and 2) development of mineral deposits, we leverage our key strengths:

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Effectively and efficiently manage the working of weathered kimberlite, alluvial and eluvial diamond sites, as well as treatment of tailings dumps.

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Investor Information

Informative documentation & records, published for our investors

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Follow the timeline of our history in a visual PDF.

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Leadership Team

Meet the driving force behind our work & our teams.

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Social Investment

To date, Batla Minerals’ social investment initiatives have been targeted near our most robust project-in Lesotho. The following initiatives have been managed by Alluvial Ventures, our wholly owned subsidiary operating in Lesotho.

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Share Price

Bloomberg: MLBAT

1.8000 €

Updated: 02:01PM 05/01/2015

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